Before you begin with the installation, ensure you have created a full backup of your Sngine installation and database.
You must be running Sngine v3.7 or v3.8, with no modifications to the source code to install.

File Upload

Download the files from the secure link you received and unzip the file. You will see 2 folders inside:
  • 'launch_installer'
  • 'manual_installer'
Upload only the 'launch_installer' folder to the root folder of your Sngine installation. (Commonly 'public_html' or 'httpdocs'.)
Once the folder has uploaded, access the installer from your browser. (https://yourdomain.com/launch_installer or https://yourdomain.com/launch_installer/index.php)

Automatic Install

You should now be at the automatic installation page:
Select the 'Start Installation' button to being the installation process. On the next page, you will need to enter your envato Item Purchase Code and Name, before pressing the 'Verify' button.
Once your license has been installed, you will be able to continue the installation by selecting 'Next':
You now need to enter the credentials for your current Sngine database. Select the 'Upgrade Database' button to install the Badges Module tables:
Once your database has been upgraded, select 'Install Files' to begin installing the Badges Module components:
Once the Badge Module files have been installed, select 'Continue' to finalise the installation:
If you have received a 'Run Manual Install' message, please skip to the Manual Install section.
Once the installation wizard has finalised, you may rename or delete the 'launch_installer' folder from your web server.